“Mehr Mut zum Ich” ends but…

The International Eastercup Berlin-Moabit is not only Sport, it is an anual social project too. We want to bring all nations and all kinds of culturs together, no matter the age, no matter their abilities, no matter they are male or female. All that we are doing is to achieve these.
Fact is that young girls and women having challenges to be equal important to the male part of the population.  We as a club working on that all year long by having a ladies team and also creation more female teams. Therefore we are encourage and help young girls and ladies to break through that barriers. In the last 2 years we were supporting female teams with the DKHW “Mehr Mut zum Ich” – Project. Unfortunately the support of DKHW ends in 2019. Therefore we decided that all female teams are getting discount for attending the International Eastercup Berlin-Moabit in 2020 further on //  to send and sign. A sign of respect and tolerance.
#GirlsAreRulling #GirlsAreStrong