Official statement for Covit-19

We, the Eastercup team, want to comment on the current status of the tournament and what measures we will take due to the Corona Virus.

From side of the tournament organisation we won´t cancel the tournament because nobody from the organisation is ill,  we will have no teams from high risk areas and our participants are in an age where the majority of cases are not severe. For most of the teams the tournament is their season highlight and we actually have no cancellations from teams which proofs us that the teams want to play.

For sure we have to respect the authorities. If they obligate us to cancel the tournament we have to cancel. Currently, we are in contact with the relevant institutions, to prove in which way the International Eastercup Berlin-Moabit will take place. But the actual official statement of the Berlin goverment is that events with more than 1.000 visitors in one room are not allowed and event with less people have to respect hygienic rules. The normal Basketball season in Berlin is still running. In case, that the government will adjust their measures, we will also do so. What means, that games will be played only with the number of people that are necessary to ensure the course of a regular basketball game.

During the tournament in our gyms we normally have 50 – 100 people during the games. Only on the main court there could be more audience and in the catering area. Therefore we will limit the number of people, as we described above, in the main court to a not risky level and we are preparing a time schedule for the catering area to avoid a gathering of too many people at the same time in the same room. Also there will be sanitizers with antiseptic lotion for the hands in every gym, in the catering area and in the habitations to rise the hygienic level. The coaches, parents and players should make sure to wash their hands before and after the game and before and after meals.

The Federal Ministry of Health has drawn up rules of conduct that we will hang up as posters to remind the participants of them.

If you have more questions feel free to ask. Please note that we understand, of course, if your team / club does not participate in the tournament due to media pressure. In case that you are cancelling your participation, we can only refund BVG, meals and deposits. The refunding of hotel and hostel costs have to be proved.

We hope for your understanding and want to make sure, that we are working for the best outcome for you, our Eastercup-Family-Members.