Maybe Christmascupversion of Eastercup?

Dear Eastercup friends,

a few weeks have passed now and we would like to give you an update.
In Berlin, like in many parts of Germany, the restrictions have been loosen. But the social distance rules remain until beginning of July, for now. That means: at least 1,5m distance to persons from a different household, groups not bigger then 5 (if all are from different households), wearing masks in the supermarkets and other shops.
Demonstrations and religios gatherings are having no more limit. Events are allowed until a limit of people.
Basketball Training is allowed limited to 8 person (including Coach), own balls, and keeping the distance of 1,5m.
From the beginning of the second week we are permitted to train in the gyms again, but with strict hygienic rules. Keeping distance, own balls, desinfection spray, showers and changing rooms are closed.
As we are seeing weekly improvements in the situation, we are confident in having a christmas version of Eastercup. Currently we are establishing concepts to realise it and remain a safe environment for all possible participants.

Fact is that we can only get back to normality if we obey to the rules of the governments and doing our part to improve the situation in our respective communities. So: stay home, take care of the vulnerable and stay healthy! Until we see each other again.

You Eastercup Team