Invitation 2020

Official invitation 2020 is online since 12th of September.

All interested persons are able to tell more about Eastercup`s program & philosophy for the time in 2020 in Berlin. Registration for participants are possible  end of September through our online-registration-forms.

Thank you so much to our true partners and sponsors.

International Eastercup 2019 is over // 163 teams were joining the kids-event in 2019

5 amazing days are gone. The last team went home on 26th of April. These teams were coming from Mongolia.
We like to give a big shout-out to all participating teams, volunteers, facility-managers and the community in Moabit. It was amazing!!! Hope to see most of the guests from 9th-13th of April 2k20.

Official invitation goes online mid of August 2019. Feel free to ask questions whenever you want:

There are some new links on our website, maybe you didn`t realize it:

Cancel of Team Tunesia

Team Tunesia was cancelling today. The Visa-Procedure was crossing their/our plans and the nation of Tunesia was not allowing them to leave the country.

We will present a new schedule for MASTERS 45+ Ladies & Ladies-Category! Stay tuned, we will inform the teams by email.