2 months to go for Eastercup 2020

A lot of inquiries are coming this year. Everyday our office has a lot of things to do to prepare Eastercup 2020 as good as they can. With the date of today we got 108 team-registrations. Last date  of registration is 25th of March.

Obviously there are many registrations from Belgium & Sweden so far.

The referee-coordinator made his choice end of January. He selected around 30 different referees coming from 6x different nations.

3PO-Referee-Clinic takes place again. Please register here: https://eastercup-moabit.de/registration/referees.html
NEW in 2020, FIBA 3×3: https://play.fiba3x3.com/events/7c3434a6-dee7-453d-99aa-7fbc8416c0a2/categories

Teams can still pre-order ALBA Tickets for the 10th of April(depends on the game-schedule of Eastercup-Teams)

Hostel-Hotel Situation 2020

+++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS

Dear Eastercup Family,

we want to inform you that our Hostel and Hotel rooms are almost sold-out! Therefore we have now booked some rooms in Hotels and Hostels more.
Please note: Deadline for Hotel rooms is the 6th of February! After this Deadline we cannot guarentee either the availability of rooms nor the prices on our homepage.

Have a great start into the week!

Your Eastercup Office

We are pleased to inform you that the U14 tournament “Eastercup Berlin Moabit” to be held in Berlin from 9th to 13th April 2020 is confirmed as FIBA supported U14 BOYS & GIRLS tournament.

Referees feedback not bad for 2020 – new positions are in

Many registrations of 2PO + 3PO  Referees were coming in in the last 3 month so far

International Referees still have the chance to sign in for 2020 till end of february.  https://eastercup-moabit.de/registration/referees.html Instead of this fact we are happy to announce that 2 originals of Eastercup-Family taking care about the international position. The idea to close the little gap between referees & schedule-team was coming years ago. The way of hesitating over the years made it possible to go for this step into the future .Thank you so much to Erich. We hope too see him in another position behind the scenes in 2020.


Advanced education & Merry Christmas to everybody

Dear Eastercup-World,

only less days  left before Christmas 2k19. We like to send a big Christmas-Shout-Out into the world. Have some peacefull and silent days together with your family and friends. Do not forget about those , who don`t have the chance to act like that. Link: https://youtu.be/NQRIDwdz9gg

During Eastercup there is a chance for Coaches to take part at an advanced education again, in cooperation with DRS. Days 10-12 of April 2020

Right before Christmas-Break

Some days before X-MAS we like to inform you that around 65 teams were signing in for Eastercup 2020. There are all neighbour-countries of Germany except of Luxembourg + Switzerland.

You`ll find a couple of represented teams on our Facebook-Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/EastercupBerlinMoabit/

We still have eough space for Cupcard College(Hostel). So far so good – Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2020.

“Mehr Mut zum Ich” ends but…

The International Eastercup Berlin-Moabit is not only Sport, it is an anual social project too. We want to bring all nations and all kinds of culturs together, no matter the age, no matter their abilities, no matter they are male or female. All that we are doing is to achieve these.
Fact is that young girls and women having challenges to be equal important to the male part of the population.  We as a club working on that all year long by having a ladies team and also creation more female teams. Therefore we are encourage and help young girls and ladies to break through that barriers. In the last 2 years we were supporting female teams with the DKHW “Mehr Mut zum Ich” – Project. Unfortunately the support of DKHW ends in 2019. Therefore we decided that all female teams are getting discount for attending the International Eastercup Berlin-Moabit in 2020 further on //  to send and sign. A sign of respect and tolerance.
#GirlsAreRulling #GirlsAreStrong

Registrations coming in from over 10 countries

In the last days we received many registrations. Among 35 registrations the following countries will be represented yet: Belgium, China, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Mongolia, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, Turkey, USA


Looking for an own accommodation

Hello Eastercup-Community,


we received many questions & many registrations during the last 2 months. One important question was defenetly about organizing an own accommodation. Yes, it is possible but Eastercup-Office only allows it when there isn`t enough space for 2020. One striking fact/change to 2019 is that you need to order Cupcard Berlin + meals-option(if you are interested into finding an own accommodation). Please note that for your plans in 2020…