Originally from Moabit

Behind the scenes sometimes changes happens.

In this case nothing happened because it`s his 3rd consecutive year in a row.He is responsible for all playgrounds + courtmanagers @Eastercup2018 again.

Welcome back Karim Ben M`Rad. He is one of the examples why “from kids for kids” is succesfull over the years. One reason more for being acceptable of organisations like “Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk” or “Demokrstie in Mitte” are supporting us with project-fees etc.

If you meet him in the streets of Moabit, ask him real quick ..he is born in Moabit!!!



Team Mongolia will be back in 2018 again

In 2017 Team Mongolia was joining International Eastercup for the first time in Eastercup-History.

1 day ago we received the message that this crew will be back in 2018 with around 3 teams or more. Their flight needs exactly around 10 hours and about 7750 km dictance from Ulan Bator to Berlin-Tegel(TXL).

We`ll let you stay updated about this incredible crew from Mongolia. Special Thanks to Tugsu & Mungi!

Proud to present that..

FIBA Europe supports again

Informing that the U14 international tournament “Eastercup 2018’’ to be held in Berlin from March 29th to April 2nd 2018 is confirmed as recognised FIBA Europe U14-category tournament for boys and girls.
Special thanks to Deutscher Basketball Bund!!


This new and quick category will take place for the first time. Actually enough teams signed up for it. Still time to do it till 15th of March: http://eastercup-moabit.de/registration/index.html

2 month to go / ALBA Easy Credit BBL

ALBA Berlin Pro Team published the time of season-game vs. Würzburg.

This games starts on 1st of April 2018 15.00 pm. Please make sure to check your schedule(comes up around 22nd of March) first. So it`s a good idea, to catch these tickets maybe on saturday evening or sunday morning @ tournament-office.

The office this year will not be located like usual. The location is closed, so we had to find something new. This annual it will be located @ Hotel Tiergarten in the first floor right besides the breakfast-room of the hotel.–>AddressAlt-Moabit 89, 10559 Berlin.

Many more teams are signing in at the moment. Please make sure if you need visa, the last time we can work on these thing is the 25th of february. 

Right now, Cupcard NBA + Cupcard College are sold out. Cupcard Highschool is almost sold out, less spots are available. If you really want to go for Cupcard NBA or College, we are able to have a look into the city/market for charging more money per person.–>Date: 23rd of February 2018


New(old) Coach for 3PO-Clinic


Joske Kuut is the second name(Besides Bob Bhania) we’re happy to present on the Coaching Staff. She was one of the coaches of the first camp way back in 2015 and was a FIBA referee for several years. One of the highlights in her career was the semifinal of Supercup Women in 2015. In the same year she was chieff of staff on the Copenhagen Invitational tournament.

Jobs are available now

Regularly we are using almost the same crew of volunteers over the years. Sometimes it happens that some people can`t show up or do no not have time for the event. Did you know that 25 % of all volunteers are not coming from Berlin year by year?

Therefore we created a part on our website for signing in for different spots. Right now there are two job-possibilities to have a look at.

Link: http://eastercup-moabit.de/jobs.html



Last 2 month of Eastercup-Registrations 2018

The countdown for Eastercup 2018 is still in motion, and so far around 65 teams from over 20 different nations has made registration for the tournament. We still have room for a few more teams(especially at Cupcard Highschool–>Please bring own sleeping-bags etc.), so contact us, if you are interested to join the event from 29th of March – 2nd of April 2018.

P.S. ALBA Berlin BBL Game on 1st of April still has to be announced. 

P.P.S: It looks like that the Netherlands are breaking their record from 2017

P.P.P.S: 3 on 3 FIBA with first registrations coming in

–>Halfcourt with 12seconds shot-clock + using special 6 ball size
–>Adults or U18 Mix(minimum 1 girl on the court)
–>Minimum 5 games
–>Arrival 29th of march, departure 1st of April in the evening or 2nd of April
–>Actually 3 registered teams, a lot of inquiries this year
–>120 € fee without reversible-jerseys, 200 € fee including reversibles + Cupcard Berlin 16 € per person

Faithful-partner since 2013

+++Weisser Ring supports Eastercup2018 again+++

The message came in one day before christmas-day. Weisser Ring made a nice christmas-gift to the organization of International Eastercup 2018.

Weisser Ring`s main activity is caring about victim protection. They are part of Eastercup almost since the beginning in 2013. They supported Eastercup2013 behind the scenes without willing promoted.

Year by year http://www.weisser-ring.de had more impact @InternationalEastercupBerlinMoabit . Actually they are part of the shirts for all volunteers + support with a Fairplay-Throphy for one of the tournament-champions. Persons who made this relationship possible: Hans-Günther Mahr & Christine Burck.

Merry XMAS to you 2017

Our disctrict where Moabit belongs to is called Berlin-Mitte. It`s the district where for example “Brandenburger Tor or the mainstation” are located at.

The Bezirksamt Berlin-Mitte supports International Eastercup Berlin Moabit 2018 with all trophies for tournament-champions. Since Eastercup2017 that our kids, working behind the scenes, are painting each Buddybear-trophy by theirselves. It`s one big part of the Kidsprojects @ InternatioanalEastercupBerlinMoabit every year! Special Thanks goes out to Sajid Kramme.