Invitation 2019 is online

In the mid of September we published official Eastercup Invitation 2019 in English + German.
Feel free to share the invitation with your club, coaches,players, social-media etc.


At the moment there are 15 registrations at all coming in.

MASTERS Event 45+: 3x

Teams from Berlin-Moabit: 4x

Happy to see that NTSV Wilcats from Hamburg are coming back.

Almost all 2 years CB SA Cabaneta is participating with their club from Mallorca. Last time of participating @ Berlin-Eastercup was 2016. In 2019 they will take part with 7 teams. All teams need to be shuttled from Berlin-Tegel to their hostel. Have a look for the best moments of 2016:

Last button least Bakau Basketball Academy from Gambia registered with a GU15 team. They need to go through the visa-procedure.



Masters-Event for 45+ Women + Men


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2019 we are happy to present a new competition besides 22 other competitions. The new competition is called: Masters Event 45+

The event takes place from 19th to 22th of April 2019 @InternationalEastercupBerlinMoabit. Dates on 18th or 23rd of April are optional dates or arrival/departure days. First games are starting on 19th after lunch and ending with a big final at court 1 on 21th of April 2019 in the evening.

Team-Fee is abour 180 € including cupshirts. Additional nights to arrive earlier or stay longer are possible. Each team has minimum 4 games. There is a big Players-Party (price is excluded) on 20th of April. Fee per person is about 200 € including 2bedroom, tournament, food + public transport ticket/shuttle. Registration is possible end of August on tournament-website. Chairman for this event is Bob Bhania, thank you so much. In any cases ask him on FB or hit our office for all kind of questions. * Please note: The organising committee will limit to 2 men’s and 2 women’s teams per country so we will have a broad range of teams participating in the competition*

India-Crew from Bangalore

2 years ago we met a friendly person in Hungary during an international youth-tournament.

1 year later he brought his group(girls) of fantastic ballers do International Eastercup 2017. They had the longest disctance to fly in to Berlin-Germany besides the teams from Mongolia(MBA), around 9000 kilometers and over 11 hours to go.

1 year later they won the International Tournament in Gothenburg. Respect and heartful Congratulations to this team from Bangalore. Hope to see you back in Berlin-Moabit at Hotel Tiergarten in 2019.

BTW: The team ranked for the 3rd place in 2017 @ International Eastercup


After Eastercup2018 is before Eastercup 2019

Eastercup 2018 is over
Wow, 127 teams came to Berlin-Moabit Eastercup 2018, a overwhelming event this year. We wanna thank you all Coaches, Clubs , players + parents for the 6th annual.

There are still some things to do after #Eastercup2018. We hope to finish mid of June, so we can concentrate on #Eastercup2019 mid of August. Internatioanal Eastercup Berlin-Moabit will be held 18th to 22nd of April 2019.

If you had no time to follow our FB-Fanpage, here are the most signifcant posts after #Eastercup2018 on our website:

Maybe you don`t know


The disctrict of Berlin-Mitte made it possible.

TUS 1859 Hammstars are joining with their BU18 team. They are from Hamm, a twin-city of Moabit(Berlin-Mitte).

They are arriving on thursday and leaving on monday. Special thx to Sajid Kramme, who made this project possible.

Website of the club:

Opening Games + upcoming schedule

Registration deadline was on 15th of March. More than 120 teams/participants from over 35 different nations registered for International Eastercup Berlin-Moabit 2018.

All teams will get an email about process, ways of tournament etc. If you are not sure have a look at the official invitation or send an email to

We are working on the schedule now. It will published on our website and per mail end of the week. Please be patient..

Originally from Moabit

Behind the scenes sometimes changes happens.

In this case nothing happened because it`s his 3rd consecutive year in a row.He is responsible for all playgrounds + courtmanagers @Eastercup2018 again.

Welcome back Karim Ben M`Rad. He is one of the examples why “from kids for kids” is succesfull over the years. One reason more for being acceptable of organisations like “Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk” or “Demokrstie in Mitte” are supporting us with project-fees etc.

If you meet him in the streets of Moabit, ask him real quick ..he is born in Moabit!!!



Team Mongolia will be back in 2018 again

In 2017 Team Mongolia was joining International Eastercup for the first time in Eastercup-History.

1 day ago we received the message that this crew will be back in 2018 with around 3 teams or more. Their flight needs exactly around 10 hours and about 7750 km dictance from Ulan Bator to Berlin-Tegel(TXL).

We`ll let you stay updated about this incredible crew from Mongolia. Special Thanks to Tugsu & Mungi!

Proud to present that..

FIBA Europe supports again

Informing that the U14 international tournament “Eastercup 2018’’ to be held in Berlin from March 29th to April 2nd 2018 is confirmed as recognised FIBA Europe U14-category tournament for boys and girls.
Special thanks to Deutscher Basketball Bund!!


This new and quick category will take place for the first time. Actually enough teams signed up for it. Still time to do it till 15th of March: