New part in the life of Lukas

Since 6 years Lukas Keul is part of the Eastercup project helding the motto: –>”No chances for racism and from kids for kids”

Starting as a normal volunteer in 2013 at the age of 16 he climbed up over the years during the social project. 5 years ago he had the idea of becoming Europe`s biggest Basketball Wheelchair Tournament besides the Olympics, WM + EM. He was the young talented student behind the scenes who made this part of International Eastercup-History possible.

Since November 2018 he  is working behind the scenes of the management of the international event. All the best for your future Lukas, good luck + have fun!!!

Standing at the moment

At the moment we stand up for 50 registrated teams coming from 10 different countries. Especially around February + March most of the teams do their registrations online. Registration-Deadline is ending on 10th of April. We like to work on the schedule with the 7th of April. Welcome to International Eastercup Berlin-Moabit

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019 II

Over the last 6 years we hosted over 10000 guests coming from over 40 different nations.
We are very happy about every participant and about all our Partner/Sponsors/Fans/Eastercup-Community. Merry Christmas to everybody. Wonderful silent days around XMAS with your families and a big Happy New Year from Berlin-Moabit. 2019 we are hosting the 7th annual of International Eastercup Berlin-Moabit, a big year for all of us hopefully!

Wall of Fame of all Partner/Sponsors: