More than 30 international Referees

Since starting with promotion for international Referees in October 2k18 we had a lot of registrations. The registrations are coming mostly from Poland, Egypt + Spain.

Besides these nations there are other nations, for example Austria / Croatia / Netherlands / Uganda/ Botswana.

Referees can still register till mid of January 2019

Deadline Referees


Last date of 2PO Referee-Registration  is 15th of January 2019. After that date we`ll nominate all Referees to make sure to book tickets/flights etc.

Actually more than 30 Referees from over 10 different nations signed in. Still 2 month to go.

More information about Referees here:

Invitation 2019 is online

In the mid of September we published official Eastercup Invitation 2019 in English + German.
Feel free to share the invitation with your club, coaches,players, social-media etc.


At the moment there are 15 registrations at all coming in.

MASTERS Event 45+: 3x

Teams from Berlin-Moabit: 4x

Happy to see that NTSV Wilcats from Hamburg are coming back.

Almost all 2 years CB SA Cabaneta is participating with their club from Mallorca. Last time of participating @ Berlin-Eastercup was 2016. In 2019 they will take part with 7 teams. All teams need to be shuttled from Berlin-Tegel to their hostel. Have a look for the best moments of 2016:

Last button least Bakau Basketball Academy from Gambia registered with a GU15 team. They need to go through the visa-procedure.



Masters-Event for 45+ Women + Men


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2019 we are happy to present a new competition besides 22 other competitions. The new competition is called: Masters Event 45+

The event takes place from 19th to 22th of April 2019 @InternationalEastercupBerlinMoabit. Dates on 18th or 23rd of April are optional dates or arrival/departure days. First games are starting on 19th after lunch and ending with a big final at court 1 on 21th of April 2019 in the evening.

Team-Fee is abour 180 € including cupshirts. Additional nights to arrive earlier or stay longer are possible. Each team has minimum 4 games. There is a big Players-Party (price is excluded) on 20th of April. Fee per person is about 200 € including 2bedroom, tournament, food + public transport ticket/shuttle. Registration is possible end of August on tournament-website. Chairman for this event is Bob Bhania, thank you so much. In any cases ask him on FB or hit our office for all kind of questions. * Please note: The organising committee will limit to 2 men’s and 2 women’s teams per country so we will have a broad range of teams participating in the competition*

India-Crew from Bangalore

2 years ago we met a friendly person in Hungary during an international youth-tournament.

1 year later he brought his group(girls) of fantastic ballers do International Eastercup 2017. They had the longest disctance to fly in to Berlin-Germany besides the teams from Mongolia(MBA), around 9000 kilometers and over 11 hours to go.

1 year later they won the International Tournament in Gothenburg. Respect and heartful Congratulations to this team from Bangalore. Hope to see you back in Berlin-Moabit at Hotel Tiergarten in 2019.

BTW: The team ranked for the 3rd place in 2017 @ International Eastercup